Long Tran

Software Engineer • Minimalist

"I want to put a ding in the universe."
- Steve Jobs


I believe in empowering people to do their best work via software. I write robust applications and design usable interfaces. My name is Long Tran; I work for a technology/consumer-experience company in Cupertino.

I spend most of my time learning, be it new tech, strange design theories, or random financial concepts. I also really like LEGO and Ralph Lauren shirts.


  • Apple Inc.

    Jul 2018 - Present

    Software Engineer III • Watch EE / Health

  • Apple Inc.

    Apr 2016 - Jul 2018

    Software Engineer II • Wireless Design Special Project Group

  • Amazon.com, Inc.

    Oct 2015 - Dec 2015

    Software Development Engineer Intern • Payment Platform

  • Apple Inc.

    Jul 2015 - Oct 2015

    Software Engineer Intern • Mobile Devices System QA

  • San Diego Supercomputer Center

    Oct 2014 - Jun 2015

    Webmaster Assistant • Undergraduate Researcher • Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis

  • NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

    Jun 2014 - Oct 2014

    Software Engineer Intern • Flight Software Core

  • Microsoft Corporation

    Sep 2013 - Jun 2015

    Senior Marketing Student Partner

  • Broadcom Corporation

    Jan 2013 - Jan 2014

    Software Test Engineer Intern • Bluetooth Technology Software

  • University of California, San Diego

    Sep 2012 - Mar 2016

    Chancellor's Scholar • B.S. Computer Science with Highest Distinction • Business Minor


  • Front End

    Angular2, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, Jade, CSS

  • Back End

    Django, Flask, Node.js

  • General Programming

    Python, Java, Ocaml

  • iOS

    Swift, Objective-C

  • Databases

    MySQL, PostgreSQL, Parse

  • Tools

    git, XCode, PyCharm, GIMP, After Effects

  • Resume.pdf

Reading List

Personal Projects

  • Project McCoy

    An iOS 9 Calculator app clone for the iPad, capable of evaluating simple mathematical expressions.

    Demo Source Swift XCode
  • Project Synch

    A web application that allows multiple users to watch YouTube videos in-sync.

    Demo Source Node.js socket.io jQuery Heroku
  • Project Potts

    A personal finance web application that helps keep track of my expenses and visualize spending habits.

    Demo Source Flask jQuery MySQL PythonAnywhere
  • Project Blink

    A published Chrome Extension that enables users to download multiple links at once by drawing a region on the browser.

    Extension Store Source JavaScript Chrome Extension API
  • Project Pyro

    A cross-browser collaborative code-editor with built-in execution that currently supports 7 popular programming languages.

    Demo Source v 1.0 Node.js FireBase Heroku
  • Router Naming

    An honors research project that involved determining whether a set of host-names belong to the same router, eliminating the need for continuous active measurements.

    Research Paper Source Python RegEx MySQL
  • Project Dine

    A 1st-place (class project) iOS 7 application featuring a stunning pictorial menu, a motion-driven meal randomizer, a virtual waiting queue, and Venmo payment.

    Read More Source Objective-CXCode iBeaconAppLinks
  • Project Euler

    Learned Java by solving a series of number theory problems on projecteuler.net

    Blog Java
  • Project Gambit

    A random late night project made to automate Bing searches to (unethically) game Bing Rewards. Project intended for educational purposes only...

    Read More Source Python Splinter Google Chrome Web Driver

Freelance Projects

  • Mandell Winlow Security Foundation

    Implemented an email manager tool capable of blasting emails to particular lists of subscribers.

    Demo Django Heroku jQuery
  • VQL Technologies Inc.

    Implemented a Django app that managed AWS instances when customer uploaded a CSV file.

    Django Amazon Web Services PostgreSQL
  • Various Company Websites

    Websites built for small businesses using anything from plain old WordPress and Woocommerce to fancy Node.js and Sass.

    calarttech.edu wordworksjewelry.com sterlingsmobile.com osideturkeytrot.com rmtalentfirm.com homelessgaykidshouston.org
  • Skurt Inc.

    Maintained and implemented front-end features for main website.

    Node.js HTML/CSS JavaScript

    Implemented a Python app that checked the livability of back-end services.

    Python Selenium PhantomJS Digital Ocean

    Implemented cross-clients HTML emails based on Sketch designs.



  • UCSD's Computer Science Department Tutor

    Spent a year tutoring hundreds of underclassmen in Java and Discrete Mathematics.

    Read More
  • MSFT Summit

    Attended a summit for top Microsoft technical evangelists and shared how I showed my students what they could create with code.

    Read More Demo Game
  • QCOM Hackathon

    Awarded 2nd place in Qualcomm's Entrepreneur Challenge for the best minimum viable product that help customers crowd source coupons.

    Read More
  • UCI Hackathon

    A wake-up call for my colleagues and I as we failed to deliver our product.

    Read More
  • LA Hacks

    First 36-hour hackathon where my colleagues and I started learning the basics of iOS development while having some fun with a crude project idea.

    Read More
  • Philly Leadership Conference

    Learned to be a better leader by surrounding myself with established individuals in Philadelphia.

    Read More
  • San Diego Startup Weekend

    Awarded 1st place for the best business plan backed with a MVP and customer validation.

    Read More
  • Hacktive Hackathon

    First ever hackathon where I learned how to step out of my comfort zone.

    Read More
  • Tohoku Summer Science Program

    Spent 2 weeks in Sendai, Japan to learn about top-notch research projects at Tohoku University.

    Read More